camera view

  1. macaulayjuan

    Camera view Icons

    Could anyone tell me what this slider and circle mean in the camera view. I see it changing, going straight to the bottom and turning red in the playback of a flight but I'm not sure what it means.
  2. D

    Change in view from the camera

    I've used my Phantom 3 for about 8 months now with no problem and some great results. But went out this afternoon and two problems 1. It wouldn't auto takeoff and kept saying the command was timed out 2. The camera view has changed and I don't have the normal camera/video switch over button...
  3. A

    Compatibility with Motorola Droid Turbo phone?

    I have previously flown my P3P using an iPhone 6, and have had no problems connecting and navigating with the DJI Go app. I recently purchased a Motorola Droid Turbo phone, and when I open DJI Go, it won't let me enter the camera view. My RC is still connected (the indicator light is green), but...
  4. T


    I bought P3P last spring and it worked fine last year. I did all the updates (Phantom 3 Professional fw v.1.8.8., rc 1.6, go app 2.6, latest ios for iPad mini). Bird still flies ok, and records video ok, and I can see the histogram change when light changes, but now there is no camera view on...
  5. N

    DJI Go camera view

    this problem solved.... Hoping this is a simple problem. New Phantom 4 ... seems to link fine with the controller as I can move the camera ... but when I follow the instructions to link thecontroller with the drone, I never get a camera view button on the equipment tab of the DJI Go app. I...
  6. Zsolt

    New P3S wont connect

    Hey guys, just took out of the box my Standard and the DJI GO app won't show "Camera View". The remote is connected to the copter, the LED is green, I've successfully connected my phone to the WiFi network using 12341234 as password, but can't do anything else. Any help is appreciated.
  7. A

    Well, I finally received my P3P and Camera View is a no-go...

    Even though I have read of success using an HTC One (M8) as a monitoring device, I believe I am not having the same luck. I have the latest DJI Go app loaded. I turn on the controller, then the P3P and connect the HTC to the controller and launch the app. I am signed in, but camera view is not...