camera trouble

  1. brentrh

    Firmware up date Problems camera

    Updated firmware on aircraft with success. Remote controller would not start light stays red and now my aircraft beeps constantly and pilot app says in need camera upgrade. Drone is grounded. How do if fix problem?
  2. M

    P3 Prof camera stops recording, black screen with dji logo and file corrupted

    Hello, I’ve just purchased a new Phantom 3 Professional. After upgrading all firmwares, batteries included I went to make some tests. DJI Go is the last version. Today I recorded a 3’49” video, 1,4Gb 1080/60fps After downloaded it I saw that in the minute 1’ 23” the camera stopped acquiring new...
  3. I

    Camera Trouble HELP!

    HELP! I can't take a still while recording! What the hell is going on?