camera problems

  1. lucasudd

    Dji phantom 3 standard camera to gimbal problem

  2. THH

    Phantom 3 Camera Error "Hardware Malfunction" (Gimbal Issue)

    Over the past weekend my Phantom 3 Advanced visited the branch of an Oak tree. Upon removing it I found that the drone itself was fine, and flew immediately, maneuvering well and so forth, however the camera screen was black. The controls used to record or take a photo on the DJI app were...
  3. Kymco Sjonnie

    camera giving red glow

    Hello people Who can help me, my phantom 2 vision plus is giving a red glow in every picture that i shoot. how can i fix this?
  4. Jared Huckaby

    Camera is tilted and has lines in video after crash

    Hey guys I had a hard crash and ever since the camera is tilted to the left. It still functions moving up and down with control, it's just tilted. When taking pictures and video, the files are bad and have weird lines through them, etc. When viewing the display while flying, the CAMERA mode...