camera error

  1. eaglescout

    Little issues making pv2+ flaky

    Help my camera is tilted and the screws to remove cover are to tight to remove and scared I will strip to re-level. In addition I am having some problems connecting my android phone to the phantoms wireless. After a year of flying its getting flaky!
  2. B

    P3 Firmware New P3 Pro- Updated firmware, now camera doesn't work.

    *First time poster here* Hello all, I bought a DJI Phantom 3 Professional yesterday and it has been great. After a day of flying it successfully, I decided to update the firmware with the most recent file listed on DJI's website, firmware version 1.5.0030. I followed instructions and updated...
  3. G

    Phantom 3 - camera error (error code 01)

    Hi, I just got my new Phantom 3 pro and in the first updating i got this message in the Dji Go App. Camera eError (error code 01) Solution: Restart the aircraft, if the problem persists, contact DJI Support Does anyone had this problem? How can i fix it? Thanks!