1. NomadJer

    Saving Cached Phantom Videos to ipad - PLEASE HELP!

    So, I was just recently made aware that you can record Audio from the I pad while filming with the Phantom4 Pro V2, but in order to get that footage to the computer with audio attached you need to save the cashed file to the ipad and then transfer to computer. (if you just take the sd card out...
  2. B

    "Cache full"

    Just did the required update (good thing I caught it before getting to the job and finding out my P4 wouldn't fly due to "required update") and on my screen I got "cache full" notification. Anyone know what this is all about?
  3. K

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus Controller and Cache

    Hey everyone, I've once downloaded the cache video onto my computer, but when I try to do it again.. on the controller I can see all cache video and images but when I looked in the Cache_Image files only the ones i previously downloaded are available. Why can't I see the recently cached...
  4. Chuck1906

    Cached Local Files - Go App

    This morning I was getting a failed sync when I tried to save my flight records to the cloud. Once I cleared the cache, I hit sync again and it was successful. Now that I know how to locate my Flight Records on the Crystal Sky in the Internal Memory, is there a way I can locate the files that I...
  5. Eddie8K

    My Footage is stuck in the cache in the Phantom Controller.

    My Footage is stuck in the cache in the Phantom Controller. We shot sum footage With the phantom 4+ and the footage was not on the card but is stored in the cache in the controller. I tried plugging it into Black magic media express and Adobe premiere nothing will read it. However when I plug it...
  6. Numone

    3.1.0 Oddities?

    Today was the first time I've flown properly with 3.1.0 GO, 1.10.90 AC and 1.8.0 RC. Previously, l'd just confirmed that the AC was connecting and flying OK, which it was and I didn't bother recording anything... I've done a search on this without luck so...... I've noticed that all the cached...