cache video

  1. Numone

    3.1.0 Oddities?

    Today was the first time I've flown properly with 3.1.0 GO, 1.10.90 AC and 1.8.0 RC. Previously, l'd just confirmed that the AC was connecting and flying OK, which it was and I didn't bother recording anything... I've done a search on this without luck so...... I've noticed that all the cached...
  2. F

    Professional 'Blinking' cache video - NVIDIA Shield and phone

    Hi guys, Over 150 hours of successful flights and recordings with P3P. Never had any problems with video files saved on microSD cards. Live FPV on tablet also looks good! But ALL videos recorded in mobile devices' cache are... 'blinking'. I saw it before, but never used those files and didn't...