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    P3 Secondary camera cables

    My son crashed his P3. The grey ribbon cable for the camera survived, but there are two additional single-lead cables with a connector that broke. See picture for an example. Is it possible to buy these replacement cables somewhere? Or do I have to buy parts - connector, wire, etc. - and...
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    question on a cable that broke during crash

    So I think I got really lucky but still have not resolved my problem (but it happened last night) I was flying my drone and it was about 300 ft up when all of a sudden it started to spin out of control. There was nothing I could do but to jump in my car and chase down where it landed. To my...
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    Do I need a wifi cable replacement?

    Wrecked my P3 Standard into a tree and it fell 8 feet after the computer didn't counteract to wind very well. Anyways, it ripped the camera and gimbal off and stripped out a ribbon cable and what I believe are the wifi cables. It also broke the baseplate. I ordered new anti-drop pins, a cable...