1. AlanTheBeast

    Why Beyond VLOS (BVLOS) will not be coming soon

    Good article in AW&ST. Industry, Regulators Edge Closer To Beyond Line Of Sight UAS You need to join to be able to read it (this article is free, not all are). Two key things: 1) "“The rule that rules all is that pilots have to maintain vigilance to see and avoid other aircraft. By...
  2. David Cooke

    How Far Can You See it!

    Most countries require you to be Visual Line Of Sight (VLOS) at all times. I'm interested in how far you can go and still see it. I've done a short test here and find it's about 2000-3000ft ( around a 1/2 mile) under optimum conditions . . and there is not much there to see at 3000 that's for...