buying a p3

  1. A

    Good buy?

    Hi I'm looking to buy a DJI phantom 3 pro and I just have a few questions about this Craigslist add I'm looking at. He's asking 700$ for the drone and a 16gb iPad Air. The drone has a little bit of damage as shown in the pics. He said he lost signal under a bunch of wires and it fell. He...
  2. Paul Schulze

    Buying Options

    Hello, when you look at the DJI site for the Phantom 3, the standard has a free add-on option which involves some kind of tutorial or one hour help session for beginners (me). Can someone elaborate on this and tell me if is worth the effort? I have been flying the Syma X5C-1 and Syma X8G with...
  3. F

    Buying advice

    Looking for some input from standard owners. Planning on buying a phantom. Seriously considering the standard but I am a little nervous that I will have buyers remorse. Shying away from the advanced or the pro mainly because of price but I could do it if I stretched. Mainly interested in aerial...
  4. J

    I want to buy a used P3

    I want to buy a used p3 Standard. How much I am willing to pay depends on the condition. I don't really want a case of any accesories like that. Have a nice day :D.