1. Xirtam

    P4 Battery button

    Hi, Can't seem to find same problem anywhere. Used battery, then put on charger -lights working. When I went to test battery button clicks but nothing happens. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  2. tml4191

    Does your playback button not work too?

    The playback button doesn't seem to do anything in DJI go. It beeps when I press it on the RC, but nada. Just to make sure, this is the correct button, right? The p3p's playback was exactly there, so someone please correct me if I'm pressing the wrong button on this p4p. " II " button...
  3. R

    Recording button sensitive

    Hi, I just purchased the P3A and I am really enjoying it. However on the remote controller the Recording button is super sensitive and can even be triggered by gently touching any of the surrounding plastic casing that surrounds the actual button, such as left of the gimbal control. The Button...