broken gimbal mount

  1. B

    P4P crash today - now what?

    After about 10 flights I crashed my drone. I have read about flight logs and such - still pretty new to all of this. I was video recording the flight - there is a .mov file on the SD card that can't be opened - it was the crash video. I think I either hit a telephone line, or hit the ground...
  2. D

    Crashed My Phantom PS3 - How Can I Fix it Myself (PICS)

    I crashed my Phantom PS3 and now the part that connects the gimbal to the QC is broken and some wires were disconnected. I would like to fix this my self if possible. Please point me in the right direction to do this guys. I have attached pictures of what it looks like.
  3. DJ Avionyx

    Rock Park in Castle Rock, CO (Before Crash)

    BEFORE I CRASHED Date: Tuesday July 5, 2016 Location: Rock Park in Castle Rock, CO Aircraft: Phantom 3 Pro
  4. D

    Looking to buy a Yaw Arm for the Phantom 3 Pro

    Wondering if anyone in this group happens to have a broken gimbal mount that still has a good Yaw Arm on it, mine cracked and I would like to buy that and not an entire set. Please let me know if anyone has a broken gimbal that they would be willing to sell the Yaw Arm from it. Thanks