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  3. ImperialZenta

    World Rivers Day - Work Boat Fun Footage

    The RiverFest 2016 Festival in New Westminster, BC, Canada. We have many working boats moving up and down the Fraser River each day. Sep 24, 2016 was a fun family celebration. Good excuse to take the drone out for a flight (Like we need one? ;)) Drone footage and vlog.
  4. ryesky1

    1 Min. Demo Reel in 4K

    I tried to upload it to youtube but there is a copyright on the song that makes the video only viewable in Japan. So I posted it on Vimeo, and it's even better, no ads! You can also find me on YouTube here ----> NICE SHOT
  5. ryesky1

    The best drone video I have ever made in 4K

    I've been flying the Phantom 3 Pro since August 2015 and have had quite a bit of flying time with it but I find it difficult to take the day to go flying and put together a video longer than 3 minutes. Why? Because there's not enough to see at a specific location to make a video longer than...
  6. Miner_jeff

    Greetings from Kelowna, BC & Rocanville, SK, Canada

    Hey there! Great community going on here. Tons of great posts! Look forward to learning and sharing as much as I can. I live in BC but am currently working in Sk and summer in NB. Flying in the evenings after work. P2V+ Hope to meet some local pilots. Below is my first Youtube video...