1. MTO

    Bridges are soo fun!

  2. Wjm

    Lucerne - Switzerland

    The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke) is the oldest covered bridge in Europe. It was first constructed around 1367 as part of Lucerne’s fortified city walls. A fire in 1993 severely damaged the bridge, and many of the more than 100 17th-century painted panels were destroyed; only 25 were saved. Since...
  3. IamWedge

    Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth, MN

    Not often we get awesome weather like this. Slight breeze, Lake Superior calm as can be. Aerail Lift bridge going up for Ship entry into port. Enjoy!
  4. Cavecrawler

    Severn Beach and Second Severn crossing

    A brief break in the weather last week allowed a quick flight whilst the sun shone-
  5. J

    Video of the Zeeland Bridge (Netherlands)

    Hi All, Been a while since I posted anything here, thought I'd share my latest video with you. Everything was shot about two weeks ago on my phantom 3 advanced. Location is the Zeeland Bridge in the Netherlands. It's the second longest bridge in Europe with 5022 meters. Let me know what you think!
  6. See Norway

    SeeNorway do it AGAIN!

  7. Mike2A

    Old Rotating Train Bridge in Dundalk, Maryland

  8. See Norway

    SeeNorway - FLYING under a bridge in Drammen

    Hi all Phantompilots :) I flew under a bridge multiple times in this video with no complications. Footage from a city south of Oslo called Drammen. Please sub if you like, cheers. SeeNorway on YouTube
  9. A

    Gallatin, TN - 4K - DJI MAVIC PRO

  10. J


  11. SoCalDude

    Photoshop 2017 Has Been Released

    Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and Adobe Bridge CC 2017 have been released. See the new features here.
  12. Helihover

    First Try at B&W

    It was a cloudy day and the colors were not that great. I decided during post I would just go all B&W and I'm pretty happy with the results. Hope you enjoy and thanks for whatching!
  13. R

    Forth Bridges

    Here's the 3 Forth bridges filmed from my P3A at North Queensferry in Fife (Scotland). Includes the new (under construction) Queensferry crossing bridge and the giant Quarry which looks like a pot hole from the quad!
  14. N

    Cutting Through Traffic by Nkosi Barrow

  15. AndyGB

    Seton Park Viaduct, Toronto

    Sunrise at Seton Park in Toronto this morning — and then a video exploring the viaduct.