1. J

    DJI - to BRICK drones unless registered? (UK)

    I have just been told about this article and wondered if anyone else has heard about this - I cant see anything in the forums and tried a search. Is this something we need to do or not? I registered my P4P when I got it but do I have to do it again, im based in the UK.
  2. Green Phantom

    Goyt Valley - Peak District - 2nd Video Edit

    Hi everyone Thought i would share my latest footage taken today. It was so windy, i got scared at some points as the Phantom was really struggling to footage was not as smooth as i would have liked but tried my best to cut out the worst of it and get what i could to make a decent video...
  3. iNicc0lo

    Phantom 4 Pro with build-in screen Brick after OTA update

    Hi All, i have a Phantom 4 Pro and the controller with Build-in screen. When i turn it on there was an OTA update. I downloaded it, install success, but the Controller not started again. There is only the DJI logo but nothing boot up. (i try to leave in boot for 2H ) How i can fix this...