1. frehr

    Lichi AEB specifications and why cant i choose 7 AEBs?

    When trying to AEB'ing a pano I am not able to choose 7 takes. I get the message: "The parameters are invalid - please review and submit the request (code -1005)" 5 bracketed pics are fine. Where can I review and submit Can I somewhere see and fiddle how many stops in the bracketing function?
  2. North45Jw

    P3Pro Camera settings bracketing 3shot/HDR /AEB

    Afternoon - this may be covered somewhere - if so forgive my missing it. When i first got my Phantom3Pro - there was a setting for a '3 shot' that automatically produced 3 different f stop settings - in effect - three different light settings that i could view. Im not a great post production...
  3. R

    AEB - cant assign my brackets

    Hey, I bought a P4 for my vacation and I made huge amount of solo pictures and 3/5 brackets. And now I want to edit the brackets but I don't know what the brackets are, if thats a single shot between or a 3 bracket or a 5 bracket shot. Is there a way I can see which ones are the same, but with...
  4. J

    Central Florida shots

    Some shots I've gathered over the past few months.
  5. B

    AEB Exposure Bracketing Problem

    I am having an issue with the auto exposure bracketing ("AEB") feature. When this is active I indeed get either 3 or 5 bracketed exposures, but the metadata in each file shows the exposure of the normal or base shot. In other words, if ISO 12800; shutter speed 1/60; aperture f/2.8 is the...
  6. mduehmig

    Bracketing Photos

    Hi. I've read posts and the manual, about how to take bracketed photos. Unless I have totally misunderstood the directions, I am supposed to hold down on the shutter button and a box will pop up giving me choices on exposure and bracketing, etc. this doesn't happen on my version. I can hold the...