1. tml4191

    I need a p4p body+camera

    If anyone is selling a p4p (props+body+camera) only, then please let me know your price. I lost my drone on a trip.
  2. Stringer News

    Parting out Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    Hey guys and gals, I am parting out my 2 year old, never crashed, P2V+. 2 Batteries which hold charge as if they are new. I never short charge them. All of the accessories that came with the unit brand new. I'm even selling off the custom hard case. I bought a new unit and don't want this...
  3. B

    Phantom 3 slight shake when hovering

    Alright so I searched and couldn't find anything on this so here goes! I recently purchased a phantom 3 and it has been running perfect the other day I noticed when it's just hovering in one spot the drone has a small but noticeable shake if you stand and watch it. The shake doesn't seem to show...
  4. H

    Changing the shell, motor mounting problem

    Hi, I had a little crash with my P3A and one of the arms bent. So I got another body, so I was putting all the parts into the new one and when I wanted to screw the motors in, I found out that there is a different mounting system. View the photos. On the photo with the motor, there is the new...
  5. A

    Phantom 1.1.1 internals in P3 body

    Hi, I recently crashed my Phantom 1.1.1 and the 1 arm is bent. I would preferably just fix it myself but I don't think that's possible. I tried looking for a new 1.1.1 body but I cant find any. Is it possible to put the 1.1.1 internals in a P3 body? Thanks
  6. E

    Lower Body Part for Phantom 1

    I have a new lower body shell for a phantom 1. I bought it by mistake and just want to get my money back! 25$ or best offer.
  7. A

    Phantom 2 brain in a new body

    I've been all over the net looking for anyone who's done this and came up empty, so I signed up here to see if you guys have attempted it. Essentially, I crashed my phantom (surprise) and mangled the body and esc. I repaired the esc, but the body is another matter and needs replacing. Anyway, I...
  8. L

    phantom 3 body what's the deal?

    Hi everyone, so I just noticed dji has the phantom 3 bodies only for sale on their website, Buy Phantom 3 - Advanced/Professional Aircraft Body | DJI Store does this mean we can put our own gimbals on it now? Because I have an H3-3d and a H4-3d and would love to upgrade to a phantom 3 if I...
  9. JPerry

    New Phantom 3 - Remote Controller + Mobile Holder

    Hi, I am selling several items: 1. New Phantom 3 - Remote Controller with mobile holder that retails for over $630. Save tax by purchasing mine. Price = $629 2. Phantom 3 Body - Crashed into water but still works. Camera not included. Retail price is $680 but I am selling mine for $299. 3...