blurry image

  1. D

    P3Pro Still Images better than P4?

    Hello again! I recently sold my P3Pro to “upgrade” to the Phantom 4. However; the first thing I noticed was I can no longer download the “original photo” on the new app associated with the P4. Saved it anyways. Now, looking at the same areas (above my home) that I previously took photos with...
  2. M

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard - Photos not sharp/blurry

    Hi All, Im new to this forum (and new to the DJI photography) and I just want to ask if you guys have any tips and tricks how to get as much as possible out of DJI Phantom 3 Standard camera. I just took a lot of pictures and all of them are really blurry when you open them in Photoshop and zoom...
  3. E

    Phantom 4 Advanced for surveying and mapping

    Good evening all, Today I used third party software such as pix4d to fly a grid mission with my phantom 4 advanced. Majority of the images are blurry except the ones at the end of the grid. in DJI Go4 app, I had set the settings to auto detect the required parameters before the flight. Within...
  4. J

    PHANTOM 4 blurry picture when in motion

    When still picture is perfect When in motion very blurry Just bought phantom 4
  5. Gundy

    Does this seems right?

    Just got my P3 4K back from a compass repair, took it out for a spin, flew perfectly fine. However, the pictures and videos taken seem to be much more blurry than I remembered. I always shoot at +1 sharpness and +1 contract at this location. Unfortunately I lost my previous pictures so I don't...