1. mandofresh

    DSLRPros P2 Expedition Parts and Accessories

    DJI Phantom 2 Drones parts and accessories. All prices are negotiable/ OBO. P2 is wrecked so the extras I have must go to a good home. Located in Cleveland, but will ship to contiguous 48. The case is large so I'd like to sell that local, but we can also figure something out. Happy to answer...
  2. BrAinZ

    iPad Mini Bluetooth - PS3 Connection Issue

    I wonder if anyone can help with a niggly issue I'm having connecting my P3S to my iPad 4 Mini. All works fine if you just connect the ac to the iPad, but as it doesn't have a GPS or net connection, I want to also connect it to my iPhone 6. If you ignore the DJI aspect of it, this is something...