1. N

    No image on new tablet (black screen)

    Hello Phantom pilots, I'm having a problem I hope someone is able to help me with. I've just bought a new tablet and connected it with the dji Phantom 3 SE. Maps work, but I have no view on the screen. It's just black. My older tablet works fine, but had lots of scratches on the screen, so I...
  2. R

    What's with the Black Phantom 4 of DJI's site?

    Did I miss a memo? I see the pictures on their site, but don't know what I am looking at and there appears to be no way to pick black and chrome as an option.
  3. tml4191

    Best buy black p4 edition pic

    It's not red, green, or any other Christmas color, but here are the all new black editions caged up like your local chickens.
  4. M

    Firmware update broke my video feed -black spot- Phantom 4

    Welp! Ladies and gentleman the worst issue with firmware yet. I flew my Phantom 4 on Saturday (6/4/2016) just for fun. Everything looked completely fine. I even have the footage to prove it. Everything was smooth, no crashes of course. I landed, put my Phantom 4 into my GoProfessional Hard...
  5. R

    Hi, i'm new here!

    Hi everyone, i've just dipped my toes into drone filming and FPV and all my google searches looking for answers to my questions seem to point to this forum which is very helpful! I thought i'd join up and participate and hopefully find some help with my setup. I'm from Leeds UK and i'm...
  6. J

    Gopro Hero 4 black plus xtra 5.4mm lens / 2 SRP ND filters / LCD back

    A used but working perfectly gopro 4 black with the original lens and the 5.4mm lens that removes all fish eye! The SRP ND filters are the best. Plus the LCD is attachable on the back and included are various mounts. I am in London and can ship in the UK. £299
  7. J

    FS: GoPro Hero 3+ Black - Modified with 5.4mm Lens! No Fisheye!

    GoPro Hero 3+ Black Camera with 5.4mm Lens installed! Great condition, except broken USB connection on camera - see details below and in photos. $495.00 Forget the "Fisheye" view - get a standard view with the 5.4mm Lens. Also includes original GoPro lens which can be reinstalled for a...
  8. W

    First Flight with FPV

    Hi, Recently bought a phantom 2 and added an fpv system to it. I've been waiting to get decent weather to fly it and finally managed to take it out. I've colour graded it and edited a minute clip out of the total footage. It was very windy so the drone pops into the bottom left of the video a...
  9. W

    FPV Interference

    Hi, I have recently purchased an FPV monitor and tx however, I am currently experiencing interference with the set up I have. I have a Flysight Black Pearl 5.8ghz monitor, ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8ghz, Fat Shark spironet CP antennas. I have soldered all of these onto the my Phantom 2 connecting up...