black and white

  1. Καλλιστώ

    Small church, Italy

    Saint George church, Bonassola, North west Italy
  2. Helihover

    First Try at B&W

    It was a cloudy day and the colors were not that great. I decided during post I would just go all B&W and I'm pretty happy with the results. Hope you enjoy and thanks for whatching!
  3. daveleeds

    Willington power station, Derbyshire

    Taken yesterday with a P4. Find out more about Willington power station here.
  4. N

    Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

  5. Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

    Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔

    Dogwood Challenge - Week 18 Artistic: Texture Sharp Blades Ahead ⚔ The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image. Camera - DJI Phantom 4
  6. AndyGB

    Misty Woods in Exmoor, England

    Escaping from the rain this afternoon in Hopcott woods, Exmoor, England. (And a chance to try out the Phantom 3's HDR and AEB modes).