1. B

    SkyTubeLive live streaming Android app, looking for beta testers

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive is an android app enabling live streaming from P3/P4/Inspire to our website, We are doing live demos today starting shortly at ~12pm EDT, 10/14/16, for a bit over an hour. We are looking for beta testers for the app. If interested, check out the stream...
  2. Justin Miller

    [iOS] Airnest Major Update now in Beta - See the preview

    Here is a preview of the new update, if you want to sign up to use it in Beta head on over to Beta Airnest is only available for iOS
  3. Justin Miller

    Airnest - Looking for Beta Testers

    We have met our quota and have closed Beta applications. Thank you to all who have applied! Hey everyone, we at Airnest would like to request anyone interested sign up for a Beta test of our new iOS only (for now) ground station app. Our app is not meant to be an intricate waypoint planner but...