1. B

    Roll arm bent?

    I have seen this question on here but it didn't help me too much. So after crashing the Phantom, the roll arm was bent (see photo) and it is doing things like tilting the camera sideways up and down. It is just bent in that way and just that part (to my knowledge) that is broken. My questions...
  2. Bob Hyslop

    Bent props

    Hi Guys, Found a stress crack a couple of weeks ago on my P3a after only 4 flights. Whilst waiting for new shell to arrive I checked the props I had on during the flight and found a couple of them were slightly bent (one of which was 5mm over length of prop, tip to tip). Could this have...
  3. D

    P3P Roll Arm Removal

    My gimbal roll arm is bent, I might need to buy a new roll arm and replace it. I might be able to just bent this one back, we'll see. How do you remove the roll arm from the yaw arm? Anyone have info or videos, was trying to find one on YouTube. I hear it's stuck together by magnets, but seams...