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  1. B

    New to drones - Researching where to purchase DJI Mavic Air - DJI or dealer?

    I am a wedding videographer and have realized I need a drone to stay current and capture the outdoor wedding venues I film at. I am looking at getting the DJI Mavic Air for $799. I have two questions - 1) Should I purchase from DJI's website or from an authorized dealer online? I have heard...
  2. B

    Finally got my p4p

    I am waiting to buy ipad for dji go. My all gear is android and i dont want to take risk. Thats why it is sleeping for now. What should i do before first flight ? Imu calibration, compass calibration etc. I will buy ipad pro 10.5 64gb. Could it fit in tablet holder without extension part? Could...
  3. T


    Received it as a gift. I don't fly drones. Brand new mint condition .... box never opened. Will sell for $450 (includes shipping w tracking number) Specs Easy to use intelligent flying camera Smart control system for stable automatic flight 3-axis stabilization gimbal for smooth clear footage...
  4. J

    Hello from N.Ireland

    Hi, Just joined today after buying my first drone. Phantom 3 Pro. Probably be none stop watching tutorials and pestering everyone here for the next while. John.
  5. Film Nation

    Ocean flight with no experience!

    Hello everyone, we really need your help, tips and advice! We are a small production company, Film Nation ( and we were hired to produce a 1 minute TV spot for a major Cruise line in one of the biggest ships in the world. We are departing in 3 days and we are ready to...