1. MassDrone

    HDR photos of beaver lodge

    I enjoy nature photography, and with the drone, I've been exploring reflections of clouds on water. Here are some photos of a beaver lodge I took today at Willis Pond in Sudbury, Mass. Shot with a P3S using 5-exposure bracketing and a polarizing filter to reduce glare in the reflections. The...
  2. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Beaver Dam with Phantom 4

    I know its not the best edit in this world but enjoy. First time using adobe premiere pro
  3. CaptainDrone798

    This is what happens when snow melts quickly! Really Cool.

    So I live in Ottawa, Canada. Our Prime Minister just returned from the U.S. & apparently brought back the warm weather. It warmed up so quickly that with all the melting ice & snow we had two days of mysterious fog/mist over the city. If one could rise above the fog/mist the weather was...