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  1. D

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  2. M

    Siesta Key Drone Laws

    Newbie here. Heading to Siesta Key for vacation and excited to play with my new Mavic. Wondering how I can make sure it is legal and I won't get a big fine. Any suggestions or information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. JTC Films

    Dronin around paradise! (1 min. video)

    Took a fun little day trip down to the Florida Keys with the Phantom 3 Standard and had a blast. Oh also ordered the Mavic Pro yesterday and sooo amped up about getting that. Anyways, enjoy this quick edit! Day Trip To Heaven | Florida Keys
  4. JTC Films

    Drone trip to the Florida Keys!

    Fun day trip down to the Florida Keys. All of the drone filming was done in Key Largo on the Phantom 3 Standard.... however I did just order the Mavic Pro yesterday!!!! Anyways, enjoy this 1 minute video in paradise. Day Trip To Heaven | Florida Keys
  5. M

    Hello Everybody! First video

    Hello everybody I'm from Orlando FL and recently purchased a phantom 4! I currently have 15 hrs of flight time logged and finally made my first video! Please leave feedback and enjoy!
  6. J

    Awesome P4 Video!

    This is some cool footage taken by a phantom 4!
  7. TaskForce20

    Dana Point California in 4K Video

    Fly over Dana Point California in 4K.
  8. TaskForce20

    Laguna Beach in California in 4K

    One of my first videos. Feed backs are welcome
  9. E

    Cancun to Tulum

    Check out this video shot primarily with phantom 3 advanced in the Mayan Riviera
  10. T

    New drone video series (phantom 4). Oceans, Beaches and Cliff sides.

    Hey This is episode two of my new drone vlog, just gonna take the phantom out on a weekly basis and collect some footage. hope you enjoy!
  11. jsabiani

    beautiful flight along the shore of Corsica (phantom 3 )

    It was my first flight above the sea. Enjoy the view of that beah near my home in Corsica (The island just under France ) Enjoy ;) filmed with a phantom 3 advanced Iso:250 Shutter:1000 Image: D-log color grading : Davinci Resolve 12
  12. P

    P3P footage of Mnemba Island

    Hi guys, Feedback very welcome on this one, im trying to improve my video skills!