battery mod

  1. R

    Phantom 3 Battery PCB

    I've searched to no avail so here goes. Phantom 3 battery PCB: DJI0617 Where can I purchase? I have a water damaged PCB and would like to fix vs. replace. Thanks in advance for not hazing the Noob.
  2. tml4191

    Phantom 4 Battery MOD + Charger + Batteries for Extended and Long Range Flights

    I haven't used the battery mod for my phantom 4 lately, so I'm considering putting it up for sale. The package comes with an ACCUCELL S60 charger, two multistar batteries, and a DJI Phantom 4/Pro(+)/Advanced battery mod. The battery mod is easy to install since all you have to do is plug it in...
  3. R

    Phantom 4 BATTERY MOD on the BATTERY finally done properly in a way that works

    Can hook it up in series (for 2c 7.4v or parallel for 4 c 14.8v. To all the skeptics out there who said it cant be done put that in your pipe and smoke it :)
  4. nonflyingbrick

    Understanding a power mod

    I saw a post here of Ed209 getting 39 minutes of flying time at full speed on a Phantom 3 with a power mod. I’m going to buy a P4 (I have a P3A now) and I want to power mod it by connecting the extra batteries’ leads directly to the bird (so as not to have to mod every extra DJI battery). I know...
  5. Ed209

    9.23mi 40min Flight - Midnight Skunk Works!

    EDIT: Video posted. Took the SOLID P3A out to 9.23 miles tonight. A direct result of the collaboration of some of the brightest, most innovative and "balls-of-steel members" (you know who you are), "Midnight Skunk Works" has achieved a major accomplishment in less than perfect conditions...