battery connector

  1. S

    Battery Meltdown

    I've been flying my Phantom 4 Pro since 9/25/17, over 130 flights, no problems. This morning after flight I went to change the battery and could not get it out. I was afraid to pry it out and damage the shell. DJI online support suggested "with force" so I got forceful and was able to get it...
  2. mcnetwork

    Slight crash causing battery issue

    I was flying my P3 through a wood line and clipped a tree with one of my props, the P3 landed upside down and by the time I got to it it was making a screeching noise and so I immediately pulled the battery out. The engines were extremely hot. I let it cool down for a few hours and recharged my...
  3. M

    "Battery connector"

    Hi guys! Im feeling preeeetty stupid right now but...what do you call the thing INSIDE the phantom that connects to the battery? Im having the issue "Not dji intelligent battery". I've cleaned all the contact and the only remaing this is to change the.....yeah, that thing. "Battery connector"...