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    Abandoned Baseball Stadium - 4K

    Abandoned Minor League baseball stadium in Nashville, TN (Nashville Sounds) left abandoned and decrepit after team moved across town.
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  3. Tyler Mason

    Target Field in Minneapolis — 1 week until Opening Day!

    The Minnesota Twins might be terrible again this year, but at least they've got a beautiful stadium! (Pic taken with a Phantom 4)
  4. BlazeAir

    Twins Second Baseman Brian Dozier's First Drone Flight

    This is great! Minnesota Twins All-Star Second Baseman Brian Dozier wanted to check out a Phantom after a recent interview. He was so amazed with it he had to fly it. You can definitely tell it is his Maiden Flight, but it is definitely worth a watch: MLB Star Brian Dozier's Maiden Voyage
  5. Kristina Fowler

    Civic Parks and Part 107 Rules

    I approached a local Civic Park (soccer/baseball, etc) to do aerial work for them. I am Part 107 Certified with a Remote Pilot Certificate. Here is the parks reply: "We have a member of the [subject park board] that flys the Park with his drone on a regular basis for us, He gives us the clip to...
  6. secretum

    Temporary Flight Restrictions not so Temporary?

    Hello. I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard in Pittsburgh this past week, and I noticed something different. The two stadiums NFL, and MLB, have a red circle around each of them signifying a no fly zone. I understand the way NFZs work, however, everything about this was weird. First, the red...
  7. TiminSac

    Flyby of Raley Field.

    Here is a small video of our local minor team field and a shot of the Tower Bridge. This video was a lot longer but I edited out the boring stuff.
  8. D

    Miesville, Minnesota

    I like small towns. Each one seems to have a characteristic that makes it unique. In Miesville, it's the obvious love of baseball. They have four baseball diamonds for a population of approximately 130.