1. Alex Assenmacher

    Barcelona P3p + osmo mobile

    My trip to Barcelona, I know it's not a lot of drone footage (had really strong wind), but it's filmed with p3p and osmo mobile + a bit of gopro. Hope you like it :)
  2. Alex Assenmacher

    A shortfilm trailer with my drone / the chase

    Hey guys, long time I haven't uploaded anything. The last few months I had been recording some stuff, but then I had an idea: I've seen hours and hours of aerial footage, showing scenery, beautiful sunsets, beautiful buildings... But I haven't seen a lot about short stories, films or shortfilms...
  3. carlsagan

    Crashed PS3 After 4 months - my tribute video (includes crash at the end)

    Purchased the PS3 Pro at the end of July. Took it on a road trip across the USA, then 2 months in Greece and Europe. Here is my tribute video, try not to shed a tear, she had a good run.