1. E

    Flying rules in Bangkok - any local?

    Hi guys! I've read the drone laws in thailand, so no fly over people, max 90meters and 30mt from building. i will be flying next to a hotel, on the river, where i have a permission from the hotel itself any local that could advise if it is fine? i plan to fly at sunrise where fewer people...
  2. LV632553

    Aerial View Above Bangkok Dockyard

    Went down to the dockyard and took a sequence of 6 pictures and stitched them together in PSD. Timing 5pm ND filter 8 Shutter speed 100 ISO 100
  3. LV632553

    Hello from Thailand

    Hi everyone, I've been flying quad copter on and off for about a year and recently bought a Phantom 3 Adv for about a month now. Will be posting pics taken from the P3 soon... Ek.