1. Mindflights

    H.265 with D-Log results in serious banding, watch the video.

    Comparison footage of DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO's camera using codecs H.265 and H.264 in D-Log. DO NOT USE H.265 with D-Log because serious banding occurs in large areas with the same color like blue skies, etc. ALWAYS USE H.264 for D-Log. Tested with the latest firmware update - April 2017. ISO...
  2. philchan1974

    Banding on video - not sure if lens hood will rectify?

    Hi - newbie here. Have done a search for similar topics, but haven't found anything close (that or the video people use to illustrate has been deleted). I'm hoping that this has to do with the camera sensor shutter/aperture issues - I know i read somewhere that the camera has a period of...