1. D

    Drone Ban in NH near Forest Fire

    Drones banned near NH Forest Fire - lots of helicopters flying in water low to the ground. Probably a great event to use drones by the Forest Service to see the extent of the fire, especially given the rugged terrain. NH Forest Fire Grows, Officials Close Lost River Gorge Last paragraph of...
  2. G

    US Army relaxes DJI ban slightly

    Apparently, the Army still needs DJI drones for the odd job. News has reached me that another DJI memo was passed around on Friday the 11th of August. An exception to policy with recommendations from the asymmetric warfare group that will permit the use of DJI kit once some conditions have...
  3. biredale

    Sad sign of the times

  4. E

    Local City banning hobby drones to their own backyard.

    The city of Garfield banned flying drones under hobby rules to folks' own property - basically their own yards. I think more cities will continue down this path. Here's the link to the article: City basically bans drones beyond backyard For some reason the newspaper reported it was only ok to...