1. M

    Clarification on "Rules" (Baltimore)

    Can someone clarify wether or not I am required to notify BWI before flying. I am learning about tools such as Airmaps and want to make sure I am following the rules. I am technically within the class B airspace. Am I supposed to notify them before flight, or am I good as long as I follow the...
  2. Mike2A

    Baltimore/Baltimore County East pilots

    Want to make contact with other drone owners in the Baltimore/Baltimore County-East area (Canton, Dundalk, Essex, etc.) Also interested in anyone who is going for, or has acquired their 'Remote Pilot Airman Certificate'. Cheers, Mike2A
  3. Dirty Bird

    "Harbor Shot - Follow"

    Just dropping by to post the latest. "Miss Ruby" & "Darth Videous" are together again in another joint Litchi mission over Baltimore's scenic Inner Harbor. Be sure to watch @ 8:10 for the helicopter search lights circling about as Stacy Keach ironically states, "Completely lost due to...
  4. F

    Phantom3 over Key Bridge and Fort Armistead Baltimore