baltic sea

  1. hasofy

    Lovely Hel Peninsula and Sopot in Northern Poland

    Late in Summer I spent one week on the Hel Peninsula and also visited the beautiful resort of Sopot. Lovely places outside of the high season. Now I finally got an opportunity to edit the aerial footage. I would appreciate your feedback, guys!
  2. UnlimiteDrone

    Amazing Baltic Sea - Phantom 3 Adv.

    Hey everybody I finished a new video yesterday and would like to share it with you. It was filmed at the Baltic Sea located at Rostock Germany and was created in collaboration with the channel Fly Crew Official a team of young talented content producers focused on drone and bike videos...
  3. M

    beautiful landscapes from Polish seaside - Baltic Sea from bird's eye

    Hello! My wife told me that it is the most beautiful video from drone`s eye of my own drone videos she has ever seen. The video was shot at the seaside (Baltic Sea in Poland) and a harbour and a port with yachts. Please take a look at it. Please watch the whole video, because the later you...