1. C

    Menjangan Island, West Bali in Cinematic Video

    Please enjoy this vid in cinematic...... i hope to be even better in this skill (video editing)
  2. impurenergy

    Drone laws Indonesia/Bali

    I am continuously getting messages about what the drone laws in Indonesia are. It is difficult (but not impossible) to get the information in English. Below is a list of rules and regulations in relation to flying your drone there. There are also links to sites that cover getting your drone...
  3. Z

    Indonesia(Bali) drone laws

    I fly out to bali next week and would love to take my drone. i have no problems with the airport side of things but more so the local laws over there. I've read on some sources that you need to apply for a licence and all this other stuff if your drone has a camera. but without a camera as long...
  4. 6footage

    MUST See Footage!

    Bali, Nusa Dua Gelora Bung Karno Check it Out ! And feel free to feedback :-) Terima kasih.
  5. rudolf samuel


  6. rudolf samuel

    The Gown

  7. rudolf samuel

    Massive movement

    Trying some massive movement
  8. rudolf samuel

    Bingin Surfing

    First try on surfing :D
  9. rudolf samuel

    Seraya Island - Perfect Getaway

  10. rudolf samuel

    Sunset in Alila Soori, Bali

  11. youmdingding

    YoumiTrip - Volcanic Indonesia from above

    Indonesia is a beautiful country with a lot of active volcanos, and from up there it looks absolutely fantastic! I had the chance to go through this coutry during my journey and this video is a compilation of the aerial footage I took with my phantom 1. As usual, I hope you enjoy it! :-)
  12. rudolf samuel

    Sailing Komodo Island

    Here is my latest video, hope you all like it. Inputs and critics are welcome. Cheers!