1. I

    Wicked Shimmy

    Howdy Phantom Pilots, I bought my Phantom 3 Standard in mid-December. I have not flown it a lot yet... probably less than 10 flights total. However, one of my first couple of flights resulted in a botched landing. It seems to me that my drone has a wicked shimmy or shake. The camera footage...
  2. FlyingWingman

    Gimbal unbalanced - causing video capture to pan to the right?

    Hey mates, Some time ago I made a rookie mistake and tried to fly my P3S off a narrow balcony. A gust of wind took it sideways and it crashed into the railing with reasonable force. The yaw arm was broken at its thinnest point, as were two propellers, but I fixed both of those issues, or so I...
  3. Alex Assenmacher

    Understanding White Balance on your drones

    Dear family, here's another lecture out of my course, a new one, talking about the white balance. Understanding and knowing how to use it properly rather than just copying color temperature from someone talking in a video. It took me quite a while to do it but I hope you guys can enjoy and...