1. A

    Abandoned Race Track

    Abandoned track, now used as a parking lot for a Nissan dealership up the road.
  2. J

    California by Drone in 4K

    Some of my favorite shots captured over the past six months. Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed, and if you're new to the channel hit the subscribe button to never miss any upcoming videos!
  3. J


    Not a drone video, but I thought everybody here would enjoy!
  4. M

    My First Drone Video made in Hawaii!

    Hey guys I had a ton of fun making this video as it is my first one yet and would love to get some feedback! Doing my first wedding this weekend. All done with a Phantom 3 Professional. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Digdat0

    Xoar Beechwood Propellers Review / Details (Pics, Video's, Logs, Weight)

    Well, hello there. There have been a few threads in the past about the Xoar Beechwood Propellers, but i found most of this information to be incomplete and without any sort of conclusion to help someone identify if they actually wanted to purchase these props, and if there were any benefits. So...
  6. Nate-xt

    P2 durability

    Today I was flying near my house when i turned my head and next thing i know my prop was stuck in the gutter! i cut the throttle and my phantom fell 20 feet onto concrete, the gimbal went flying off! But to my surprise the phantom only had some scratches and a broke prop! all was okay because i...