1. A

    Auto landing & manual switch (Dronedeploy)

    We had a successful P4P first flight with dronedeploy app mission just now, everything went smoothly right from auto takeoff and auto landing, all images captured and are in sequence etc. A couple of questions: 1) While auto-landing, the sticks would still work so that we can nudge and...
  2. OOO

    P4P Plus_Returning Home

    Hi, I apologise for opening a new thread for the same topic but nobody commented on these flight data. I appreciate it if you let me know your comments. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions., Please have a look this thread for the story of my problem. Maximum flight...
  3. C

    Programmed autoland

    Hi all, Is it possible to get any of the DJI phantoms automatically land on a given gps position ? What is the best machine / firmware to do that ? My need is : - i give my drone an accurate position - it flies to this position, and then - it automatically lands. I would like it to use it...