1. David Cooke


    I went back to within 1 mile from an airport today with no props on to test with my P4P+ UNLOCK had been approved in June. I was inside and just outside the No-Fly 1 mile from the center of the airport (uncontrolled) It would not start. But it asked me to confirm the UNLOCK. I did and it still...
  2. Jollino

    Maiden flight: a few questions by a newbie

    Hello all! As I wrote in the Introductions subforums, I'm a newbie to "real" quads. I had a toy Syma for a while, but went for the big upgrade and got a Phantom 3 Advanced. (I was originally aiming at the standard, but then I thought: "why not?") I got it yesterday and this morning I had my...
  3. ARPDP

    Litchi - Auto Land

    Litchi: Why does your app not include an auto-land button? You have auto-takeoff button why not have an auto-land button. Seems a little silly to have one but not the other. I know you can auto-land when using way-points but it would be nice to have it free flying too.
  4. iflyhelis

    I checked the manual, no info on "Auto Land" problem

    I have used auto land before, but at only less than 9 feet & with-in 20 feet of my takeoff point. This time, I was at about 13 feet & about 35-40 feet from me. I hit auto land, and I was surprised that my P3 started to climb upwards. ( it was possibly heading towards a 17,000 volt power line...
  5. Y

    Override RTH and autoland

    Hi Phantom 3 Professional Assuming you have initiated return to home, The risk as I see it could be that the ground conditions may not be perfect to land. If this is the case, how is the simplest or most efficient to override the RTH command? Likewise, if the Battery low warning has initiated...