1. J

    Local Lake with Autopilot Pics and Video

    So after our day of fishing I wanted to try the P3A using Autopilot using follow me . It was windy blowing 5-10mph gusting to 15mph. P3A took awesome photos and video. The photos and video are post repair from DJI. They replaced the entire gimbal and camera for an out of focus issue. The pics...
  2. Twinnny_twinnn

    Autopilot App I am loving it.

    I have been trying out autopilot App and I am loving today I took the risk and tried the Follow me mode and it worked great. Here is a small video.
  3. R

    After Autoflight is engaged Phantom shooting up

    Hello. Everytime that Autoflight engages with my P3P it shoots up like a rocket to about 15 meters and then decents to the desired altitude. Before the engagement the P3P is already brought manually to the setup mission-altitude. The DJI-Go-app is completely shutdown. I see this behavior from...
  4. egoldy

    Autoflight Logic: Detailed Overview Demos & How Tos.

    For those that are looking for walk through videos and demos of how to use the Autoflight Logic Autopilot software, please check out this playlist: Autopilot Tutorials - YouTube In addition to an overview video, there are walk through videos of the UI, how to use Focus and most recently the...
  5. M

    AutoflightLogic Autopilot 2.0 for Phantom 3 almost here... POI

    The oficial version of the software of Autoflightlogic Autopilot 2.0 is almost here. The last beta release is very stable and a remarkable piece of software. Heres a small sample of the POI in action. The last clip is from the last version build 34. The oficial version is expected to be in...