auto pilot

  1. Bruce Talbot

    Autopilot bombing out on iPad2

    Does anyone have any advice on why Autopilot [3.7] might be bombing out halfway through the mission - leaving my Phantom 4 stranded in mid-air ? - very frustrating as the mission apparently has to be restarted from scratch...
  2. Auto Flight

    Auto Flight 2.0 System

    Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Archuleta and I'm the creator of the Auto Flight 2.0 Flight System....please check out our product at: If you have any questions about our new product please message me here on Phantom Pilots and I will get back to you...
  3. N

    Auto Pilot for DJI

    Is Auto Pilot for DJI worth the $30 investment, Are there any glitches. I want to fly predesignated routes and waypoints to check on my fields within 1 Mile of my home quarter farm home point.