auto crash

  1. tclark333

    P3 Crash During Litchi Mission (CFIT)

    (I sped up parts of the video, but the crash scene is real-time) Aftermath pic: Amazon Cloud Drive Sad to report, but I had my first crash this morning. I planned a simple mission to a park and back, but things didn't go well. It was supposed to take 8 minutes to go there and back, but after...
  2. Great Pumpkin

    CRASH! But not the kind you're thinking

    The driver and I were wearing seat belts, my P2V and P3P were not, when our pickup truck went into an 80 mph rollover on I-40 in Texas two weeks ago. The quadcopters were ejected when the cover was torn off the truck bed on the fifth or sixth rollover, and three batteries, two battery chargers...