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    (ASIS) Lot of DJI DRONES AND PARTS forsale

    Hello ive aquired this lot of DJI PHANTOM DRONES AND PARTS THE DRONES ARE INTACT BUT NEED WORK AS FAR AS I CAN TELL i do not know much about replace parts or fixing these there is one that is totally put together with battery and turns on but i could not pair remote there is tons of parts and 7...
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    Phantom 2v+ v3 Crashed, Selling as-is Or parting out.

    I recently had a Crash with my P2 V+v3, And now i cant use it for my college class.... SO i am trying to sell it fast or part it out fast either way i need to sell it :D Im trying to get 600$ for everything included i hope its reasonable I am hoping to sell it whole or parts, withing 3...