1. J

    Using Phantom 1 ESC and motors for DIY Arduino project

    First post! I just bought a used Phantom 1 and gutted the insides. I want to use the Phantom 1 ESCs and motors to build an underwater drone. So the ESC has three phase wires for the motors, two wires for 11V and ground, and lastly, two wires (yellow and brown), which I assume is a signal cable...
  2. andretomasi

    Phanduino Plus

    Hi everyone, Well, turns out my P2V+ has fallen victim to the Wi-fi module problem. No video in the app, telemetry working fine. I tried the fix mentioned around a lot and reflashed the module using a USB serial adapter, but the board is definitely gone. My P2V+ is one of the V2.0, with a...
  3. wxviewer007

    Anyone try separate RF comms from a payload

    Hi fellow pilots! I'm interested in attaching a payload via a 3D printed board that will be removable and attached to the stock vertical legs on the back side of the 2+ (Behind the camera). I would like to link to this payload while in flight and was wondering if anyone has tried or has...