app crashes

  1. TMM777

    Nexus 7, factory OS 5.1.1 still crashing Go 4 app

    Nexus 7, version 2 was turned back to factory settings including a factory version of Android Os 5.1.1. I have flown 5 or so times since the rollback to factory settings and each time Go 4 crashed. I was LOS so no worries but I was surprised each time it crashed as it took more than 20 minutes...
  2. mattyd58

    DJI GO App Suddenly Crashing Immediately and Successively

    It is hoped that I have posted correctly. If not please excuse my ignorance re-route me. I am freaking-out and desperate for help. You guys always have come through with solutions. I took a whole day off work trying to resolve this on my own – no success at all. I really need advice, please...
  3. Film Nation

    Ocean flight with no experience!

    Hello everyone, we really need your help, tips and advice! We are a small production company, Film Nation ( and we were hired to produce a 1 minute TV spot for a major Cruise line in one of the biggest ships in the world. We are departing in 3 days and we are ready to...