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  1. D

    Camera trouble with my p2 vision+

    Hello.i got this drone a while ago.just started playing around with it.cant seen to get the camera to connect with any of my phones I try to use. It flys great other that that.just cant get it to work with any apps on my phone.I am very new to drone flight and would love to get it to work using...
  2. M

    Problems connecting DJI go

    On my P4A, I am having problems starting things up, and it has been getting worse. I searched for similar situations, and found one post which recommended starting the RC first, then the app, then the aircraft. I also found a post which suggested getting the remote and aircraft linked, and...
  3. N

    Suggestions for Photogrammetry Capture App (certain reqs)?

    Howdy, I've been struggling to find a capture app that fits my needs for photogrammetry. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Features I need include: * Distance from ground setting in mission planner (ie. takes topography of uneven terrain into account) * Mission planner that allows...
  4. Elqueso2

    Got my Verizon Ellipsis 8 to work with the DJI App, now need tablet mount….

    I actually got my POS Verizon Ellipsis 8 Tablet to work for the DJI Phantom 2 Android App. I know now why Verizon was giving them away 2 years ago…. This tablet is pretty worthless for daily use and should work great for FPV. With that said, I now need a tablet mount. I would like the keep my...
  5. russbarger

    Livestock related applications

    Has anyone seen attachments for herding livestock? Or applications which count livestock? I need developers we can hire for this.
  6. B

    SkyTubeLive live streaming android app--looking for beta testers

    Hi all, SkyTubeLive has developed an android app that lets you quickly and easily live stream to our site, with a convenient map based interface letting you easily find streams geographically instead of having to know someone's channel location, etc. We're looking for more beta testers to give...
  7. S

    Current Status of DJI Android App?

    Hey all... I'm curious how the Android version of the DJI App is these days. I'm still on 2.7.1 because every time an update comes out, I read reviews of horrible things happening, and 2.7.1 seems to be clean and clear - STILL. Any opinions on how the current version, 2.8.3, is working for...
  8. Phil Tuggle

    L-O-N-G Time Since Last Updates - Now What?

    Due to unavoidable absence from the scene, It has been a long, long time since I have flown or updated my P3 Advanced. The last update i did was by downloading the Android apk from DJI and using manual SD methods for the Go App, and card insertion for the aircraft and controller. Obviously, ALL...
  9. J

    Go App Problems (Android)

    I am so frustrated right now.... I've been flying my P3 Pro for six months or so. I was using a Verizon Ellipsis Android tablet and it was working fine. I updated the OS on the tablet in early December 15 and the GO APP was gone. I was unable to install from the Play Store ("Your device...