1. H

    P4P Official DJI ND Filter Test Video 4K

    Video test of DJI's official ND8 filter for the Phantom 4 Pro with side-by-side comparison without the filters. The ND filter did help create a more cinematic look by allowing a slower shutter speed which added a natural motion blur, while letting me keep the aperture at the sharpest setting...
  2. Norweigan

    A big wish to DJI about the Zebra stripes and adjusting of threshold of these.

    Dear DJI department for development and research! ZEBRA STRIPES AND ADJUSTING THE LEVEL (THRESHOLD) OF THESE. As a professional photographer, I have a big wish that I hope you can consider seriously. It applies zebra stripes showing exposure, especially where the risk of burning out the...
  3. vcinfio

    Aperture Phantom 4 Pro Megathread

    I recently upgraded from a phantom 3 pro to phantom 4 pro and with this upgrade, comes the addition of an aperture setting. My understanding is that the phantom 3 pro had a fixed aperture at F2.8. My main question is when would you ever need to use a smaller aperture than F2.8? I understand...
  4. J

    P4 F-Stop 2.8

    Is it possible to adjust the camera's f-stop/aperture or is it fixed at 2.8?