antenna cable

  1. M

    Removing P3 cover to replace antennas / cables

    So, I've followed the instructional videos, on removing the screws and releasing the locking tabs. After much sweat and frustration, I'm only able to get a couple tabs unlocked. Can't get the cover off. Is there a special trick? A special tool? Should I just send this to someone for the...
  2. M

    Transmission line specifications

    Hi guys, I want to fly my P4 in the winter, where I am in my basement. The problem is that the signal in the basement is extremely week and I cannot follow my FPV when my bird is far away more than 500m. So I am thinking to put a transmission line between my transmitter (controller) and the...
  3. IBV

    Weird antenna - booster problem. left side antenna?

    Hi there, Now finally I got all set up... and already run into a problem which I have no explaination for..: I got: 2 120cm long 12dbi TP-link omni-antennas on the roof. 2 Sunhans golden 3W boosters 2 10m long RP-SMA antenna cables from the confernece room to the roof. I tested the big...