android tablets

  1. UniqueName

    GOOGLE MAP PETITION! For Androids outside of China.

    Please give us GOOGLE MAPS BACK using Android devices outside of China. I'm in Ontario Canada and this stupid, useless 'HERE' maps is either a white rectangle or a green blur.....totally useless. I have a Phantom 4 and a Samsung Tablet E. I was on location, crew hired, cabins rented for 3 days...
  2. L

    Anyone using a LGVK815 tablet?

    I did a little searching...found nothing pertinent. I have a Verizon LGVK815 Android tablet.. I've only had my P4 for a few days. I've downloaded the app, updated firmware and run flight simulations using this tablet. I've also made 2 very short flights using it. It seems to work fine.. I'm...
  3. E

    Blank Map on Android Asus ZenPad 8

    Just got an ASUS ZenPad 8, loaded the app and the map is blank. There's Chinese writing on the lower left corner of the map when in full screen. Have tried everything, google maps is loaded on the tablet and works great, uninstalled & re-installed DJI GO several times. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. M

    Phantom 4 + android Tablet

    Hi guys any of you have try the phantom 4 with a android tablet? I'm not a big fan of Apple products so i'm looking for a BEST ANDROID tablet (NO LAG) like i saw some with the phantom 3! Any Avise?
  5. D

    Android tablets - GoApp

    Just purchased a tablet - Model Samsung SM-T337A (AT&T Trek_HD) Android version 5.1.1 and just wanted to let folks know that I have not encountered any problems with / using the GoApp.. Unit was an addon for $200... so not too bad in price... After the rain lets up... will do more flying...