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    Old Glory

  2. A

    Amazingly beautiful sunrise - 4K

  3. IMG_5825


    El Matador Beach, Los Angeles Instagram: @sfpix
  4. Sunnaroe

    Nightflight with the Phantom 4 over Cincinnati

    Judge me how you will but Im new at this and Im trying super hard to learn as much as i can about both flying and photography.Im registered-contacted air traffic controller to fly and kept my drone within line of site-cant miss those trusty flashing led lights .I hope you enjoy also tell me-is...
  5. B

    New pilot licensing requirements

    Have y'all heard about the new requirement that all drone pilots must have a remote pilot airman certificate? Some of the requirements are as follows: Be at least 16 years old. If you are not old enough you must be under the supervision of someone who is. Be in physical and mental condition to...